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If you are planning to explore Hoi An but are not really into guided tours, this is definitely for you! “The Duel in Hoi An” is a new way to discover some of the most famous places of Hoi An City and its countryside. It is test of your navigational, investigative and negotiation skills. You will not find this kind of tour anywhere else! Through this treasure hunt/team challenge, you will explore Hoi An and its countryside, learning interesting things about some of the most famous places and, of course, having a lots of fun!

Start the day with a bicycle tour to Tra Que Village. The tour guide will give you some information about Tra Que and you will meet the local farmers. This will be the perfect opportunity to spend some time preparing the land with them. We will continue our journey with a ride to Hoi An, exploring the beautiful countryside. We will stop for a lunch break in the center of the city.

The afternoon will be dedicated to the treasure hunt. Your challenge will start and you will have around 30 minutes to complete your first questions. In order to fulfill your missions, you will have to find specific places in Hoi An (using a map) and answer to various questions. Some of the questions and/or tasks will require you to take some pictures or even try traditional Vietnamese foods. All the questions are related to famous places in Hoi An and will give you the opportunity to interact with the local people. Once you have completed your mission, you will meet our tour guide to check and correct your answers (and photos). When everyone is finished and all answers have been checked and corrected, the guide will announce the winner who will receive a traditional gift. Have a refreshing drink before heading back to your hotel. This tour will definitely be a fun experience that you will remember for a long time!

Depart: 08:30

Price: VND 1,594,000/pax (min. 4 pax)

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