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In the process of raising children, many parents wonder about choosing the best time for kids to start exploring the world. For example, can the 3-year-old kids touch the worm? Can the babies smell a flower when they are just 1 year old? However, complied with the survival principles of natural world, at any age, children need to develop in an environment which is close to nature.

Dr. Valarie L. Akerson - Professor of Science Education at Indiana University, said: "At the age of preschool and primary school, children are able to make the amazing discovery if parents support and encourage them. The knowledge of science and environment will be formed from abstract to concrete when children are instructed in the tours, picnic trips to explore the nature".

In Vietnam, many families has been considering Hoi An Silk Village as a destination for kids to get familiar with mulberry cultivation, silkworm rearing and silk weaving. Many children love to run around the village, under the canopy of ancient Champa mulberry trees. But the thing they love most is picking up the leaves to feed the silk worms. Also, mothers take them to the house to see the silk and learn how to spin silk, watch the artisans weave the beautiful patterns and learn to follow.

The theorical lessons about civilized behaviors and nature preservation will not deal with tests at school only, they will become the point of "green life" of children. And it will be such an interesting Sunday for children to learn a craft!

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