Duy Vinh Sedge Mats Craft Village

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Being created by alluvium of three rivers Thu Bon, Trung Giang and Ly Ly, Duy Vinh commune (Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province) has been famous for a long time of weaving sedge mats. The profession of weaving sedge mat was derived from Nga Son – Thanh Hoa province, and introduced into Quang Nam in early 14th century.

Sedge grass is the main material in mat weaving; it is easy to grow in this land and gives high productivity. There are many kinds of mat like plain mat, colored mat, embossed mat…; therefore depending on the intended use of each one, farmers will harvest sedge in many different sizes. After being harvested in July and August every year, sedge will be dried, dyed by color ink and stored for weaving all year round. Many clients come to Duy Vinh to buy sedge mats or they will be sold at Ban Thanh sedge mats market.

Duy Vinh craft village has 350 households, 300 of which have weaved sedge mats from generations to generations and supplied nearly 10,000 pairs of sedge mats each day to the market. The weaving process requires two people, one is the designer for the pattern by controlling the jutes up and down rhythmically, the other is responsible for inserting the sedges into the space between jutes. This work requires patience and experience to make a perfect work. From the yarns of green, red, purple, yellow sedge ... with brain and heart, the weavers have created hundreds of perfect color mixing picture.

In many years before, this product was very hard to consume and heatly competed by industrial produced mats. However, some years recently, many people returned to use sedge mats; that helps to resuscitate this valuable traditional occupation. Duy Vinh mats craft village is not only creating job for local residents but also an attractive destination of worldwide tourists.

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