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Leaving the poetic Huong River, leaving the ancient mausoleums, palaces and romantic scenery of Hue city, and taking a ride of 70 km on street 49 past the mountains, villages and many landmarks such as Blood Stream, Crow Beak pass... visitors will reach to the mountainous district of A Luoi, 600-800m above the sea level. The area is blessed with beautiful landscapes, rich wildlife and nature including a number of waterfalls and cascades. If you are an adventure enthusiast, those destinations in A Luoi are absolute not to be missed:

Centre of cultural activities

The A Luoi Centre of cultural activities is located right in the center of A Luoi district, 300m to the east from Ho Chi Minh trail. With an area of 2 hectares, the center is divided into 3 traditional houses, representing 3 ethnic minorities in A Luoi.

The first traditional house was put into operation in 2012. The main space is designed as Uncle Ho Temple, and 4 cabinets displaying some traditional and cultural artifacts of ethnic minorities in ALuoi are on 2 sides of the house.

The second house was completed on 03/02/2015. The house is to exhibit the traditional artifacts of ethnic minorities in A Luoi and historical artifacts which are associated to the process of struggling and developing A Luoi. This house is also the place for organizing important events and traditional festivals of ethnic minorities here.

Tourist Information Center of A Luoi district

Right next to the Center of cultural activities, Tourist information center displays and introduces traditional craft products of the A Luoi district such as: different Brocade products made from the Zeng fabric, (scarves, the handbags, wallets for men and women...), and traditional weaved tools serving daily life of the people.

Revolutionary Exhibiting House of Hill A Biah / Hamburger Hill

The Revolutionary Exhibiting House of Hill A Biah was inaugurated and put into use on December 22, 2014. With 109 photographs and 36 objects mainly on two themes: The emblems of A Luoi people’s determination on fighting and defeating American's military; and the obsession of the American Expeditionary Force during the Vietnam War. This is the storing, displaying and introducing place for the historical and revolutionary artifacts of the intense "Hamburger Hill" battle in May 1969 to serve domestic and foreign tourists.

A Ka 1 community based tourism village, A Roang commune. 

A Roang is one of the community based villages of A Luoi district. The wild beauty and spectacular mountains as well as festivals and traditional foods will bring satisfaction to every visitors of A Ka 1, A Roang.

Coming to the A Ka 1 village, visitors will be greeted by the welcoming dance in the merry sounds of syringes and gongs which create a fun and intimate atmosphere.

Then visitors can cycle around the village to learn more about the daily living activities such as knitting, farming... In particular, come to witness first-hand the craftsmanship of the Ta Oi girls when they’re weaving Zeng cloth. In the afternoon, travelers can immense in the mineral stream to remove the fatigue and tress. The A Roang hot spring is located next to road 14, in a land of about 10 hectares and surrounded by high mountains. The opencast mineral water stream of 60 - 70 ° C contains many mineral elements with high medicinal values.

Evening comes, visitors will have a chance to enjoy the special dishes of the region such as: rice, mixed porridge, wild vegetables, fresh fish... At night, under the flickering firelight, visitors can join in the "campfire and culture exchange” program, dancing with the local people, and enjoying the fragrant wine. Overnight in the community.

A Hua community based tourism village, Nham commune

A Hua Hamlet, Nham commune is 5km afar from A Luoi town to the west. Coming to A Hua, tourists will experience the community based tourism activities such as: Learn traditional culture of Ta Oi ethnic, taste unique cuisine of Highlander, cycling to visit villages ... Visitors will also have the chance to admire the architecture of the Rong house - the symbol and the soul of villagers.

Ecological destinations

Anor waterfall

A Nor waterfall located 3km from the center of district (Hong Kim commune) covers  an area of ​​over 10 hectares with the over-year-round haze. Three waterfalls of 8m, 60m and 120m respectively in height, create the beautiful and majestic scenery. The untouched natural beauty combined with cool weather offers visitors an opportunity to find solace and relaxation, and rekindle a sense of adventure. Surrounding the waterfall are groves of blooming wildflowers, and the thick green moss covered rocks.

Early morning, visitors can hardly recognize where the waterfall is, and where the trees, mountains are... as all are faded in a white mist. About noon - when the fog is dissipated, the sunlight starts to snake through the foliage; a pure, exquisite and fresh green scenery will appear marvelously. Perhaps this is the most appropriate time for tourists to contemplate and enjoy the charm of the mountainous landscape.

Alin fountain upstream

Alin fountain upstream located 10km afar from A Luoi town, 500m northeast from Ho Chi Minh trail. A Lin has many beautiful bathing places between the lush mountains. Coming to A Lin in the hot summer days is a best way to dispel the heat and enjoy the pristine beauty of mountains. For those who love adventure, another waterfall named Âr Lang, 800m afar, is an ideal destination to contemplate threshold many beautiful natural sights ...

Par Lê Stream

Par Le Stream in Hong Ha commune is located about 50km from Hue City and 22km from the town of A Luoi. It has two bathing places with large capacity, visitors will be immersed in the natural setting and cool fresh water. There is a reef of more than 5m high for those who want to have strong feeling of jumping from that height into the water. The place is also blessed with a very beautiful cave system and fresh groundwater flowing from the mountain. In summer, visitors will be treated by lots of delicious wild fruits. 


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